About BSTT


We lead business success !

We at BSTT are a pioneering team that passionately provides the best innovative information technology solutions, from building IT projects to managing and following them up in the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are able to build and integrate new and innovative technologies into relevant business solutions for our clients, due to our great and unique experiences in various fields of information technology that qualify us to provide high quality and highly eective services and skillfully implement them to ensure the achievement of professional business solutions.

Why choosing us?

Because we have a qualified team with great experience in the fields of IT project management as well as in technical solutions, where we guarantee high quality and continuous follow-up efforts to achieve your success. By choosing us, you will ensure a comfortable environment to discuss and understand your needs, and you will be provided with innovative technical solutions that raise the level of production of your project and achieve your goal.

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Our Vision

We aim to be one of the pioneers in providing the best technical services to meet the needs of the local market, and to be among the positive change makers for a more modern future … Every day, new solutions are developed and marketed to try to meet the needs of a growing IT infrastructure, and with this marketing deluge, it can be dicult to assess whether or not these solutions align with your environment roadmap and strategy correctly or not, for this reason, we are constantly working to ensure that our technical solutions and services in various fields of information technology such as management, e-marketing, e-commerce and the Internet of things will pave the way for a better technical future in the local market.

Our Mission

With the renewed technological development around the world, we carried the message of innovation, and for this we are working professionally to leave a remarkable footprint in managing and implementing information technology projects, with our interest in developing close professional relationships with our customers to understand their needs and provide effective solutions to them … Our mission is to work sincerely to provide technical services that provide our customers with greater operational eciency and higher productivity gains, with cost savings, regardless of their project type.


Under tight deadlines and with high expectations, BSTT was a pleasure to partner with, on a high profile political campaign website. Professional, conscientious and thoroughly competent – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to other agencies.

Mohamed Abualmajed

Projects Manager & Bonyan almadyan construction
After evaluating a few outsourcers I decided to work with BSTT because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted. In the beginning, we had to make adjustments to the task every week. I would recommend their services.

Saleh Alghamdi

Shared services & Esad company
We thank BSTT for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Ahmed Azmy

Chief accounts & Crew facility management

Our clients